Monthly Archives : December 2007


16 years

Elise and I celebrated our 16th wedding anniversary last week. I took the time to reflect on our marriage and how we have experienced life together during those years. There were some big surprises when we were married. I expected us to live fairy tale lives. I am not sure why
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An amazing woman.

When I was a kid my image of Mary, Jesus mother, was of a shy schoolgirl dressed in the classic church play costume. The girl was usually a little ackward and undercomfortable in her own skin and was scared looking even in the play carrying a cheap baby doll Jesus.
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Desire and our Story

I have been struck a lot lately by the amount that our desire and deciding what our story will be determines where we go and what we do with our lives. Two thoughts that I ran into this week made me stop dead in my tracks and think about what
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