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How Google has Ruined My Life

It's all googles fault... So I am sitting around sorting paper basically and paying bills (or rather looking at bills that need to be paid) and wondering why I easily get overwhelmed by this process. That's when I realized that google has ruined my life. The prelude You see about 14 months ago
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What I am working toward in 2009

Live | Learn | Lead 2009 may create economic challenges for many that we have never had to deal with before (at least not to the same degree). Budgets are shrinking. Insecurity is rising. People and organizations are downsizing. Businesses are drowning. So this year what I am aspiring to has
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New Years Resolve

what I want to move towards I heard a great talk on Sunday from one of our pastors, George Antonakos on how to be resolute in the New Year. He framed a lot of our relationship with Jesus around three ideas: 1. It's about relationship. At the end of the day that
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