What I am working toward in 2009

Live | Learn | Lead

2009 may create economic challenges for many that we have never had to deal with before (at least not to the same degree). Budgets are shrinking. Insecurity is rising. People and organizations are downsizing. Businesses are drowning. So this year what I am aspiring to has a very different flavor (and I think a much healthier flavor) than in the past.


“I came that they may have life and have it abundantly.” – Jesus

  • live in relationships that matter with
  • live in community that cares for each other
  • live in anticipation of what God will do in peoples lives
  • live in moderation and not excess


“Anything worth doing is worth doing badly until you learn to do it better.” G.K. Chesterton

  • learn humility and to put others before myself
  • learn from others what they have to offer (be a good student)
  • learn things that will be helpful to the local and global community that we are all a part of
  • learn to live within our means and to still have extra for others


“if you are called to lead, lead with all diligence.” – The Apostle Paul

  • lead with a commitment to helping others first
  • lead by walking the walk and talking the talk
  • lead in service to others without regard for self
  • lead for the greater good [it's not about me]


  1. This is refreshing advice to move beyond setting goals that are often conceived as a laundry list of a “to do” list. In your approach, Greg, you are connecting initaitives to values and principles–living a principled life. Thanks for showing us a pesonal example. I like your pps–an application of the point of this blog!!!

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