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2014: Prom, Friends, Graduation, Beach, New York City, Weekends, Engagement, Holidays. We continue to count ourselves blessed people. Each of us becoming the individual God created he or she to be. Each engaging their own growing opportunities, and each learning to navigate life in his or her stage.

Advent and Christmas are times of hope. We continue to find hope in a Father that provides us with saving as we need it. When we need it. Where we need it. We are grateful for Jesus being in our lives and being with each of us.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year,

Greg, Elise, Caleb (& Emily!), Josh, Riley, & Seth

Greg: racing, working, raising chickens, gardening, taking Seth to the diner, spending all other waking moments with Elise, trying to capitalize on the fleeting moments watching his kids grow up.


elise-cover-photo + ELISE

Elise: helping those who want to grow, keeping our family connected in the midst of everyone going in different directions, spending time with Greg, Riley, and Seth at home, visiting Caleb & Josh as often as possible.


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Caleb: graduating in a few months, leading Young Life, getting ready for life after college, and of course we can't wait to add Emily to our family:


josh-cover-photo + TEAM RITTLER

Josh: prom, graduation, freshman at Radford, Young Life, dating Hannah, comes home to see his family, serving others, has great friendships.


riley-cover-photo + TEAM RITTLER

Riley: the caregiver, Young Life, our activist, full of life, full time babysitter, creative, a big presence.


seth-cover-photo + TEAM RITTLER

Seth: sports, friends, skating, solving Rubik's cubes in seconds, classic youngest (50% of the rules with 90% more freedom, we'll let you know how that works out).


Blue Ocean Ideas: It seems wrong to have this much fun at work but we do. We are a talented team of pros that are good at what they do, and consistently getting better. We believe in the power of brand and how the strategic use of creative, design, film, copy, social, and digital, combined with disciplined execution creates long term success.

We pinch ourselves often that we are able to promote truth, goodness, and beauty in the world through the work we do.

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