Rittler Family Greg Elise Caleb Josh Riley Seth

2013 brought new experiences, challenges, and opportunities for Team Rittler. Elise moved into a new office for her private therapy practice. Greg completed 3 marathons, Ironman Lake Placid, and a dozen endurance mountain bike races. Caleb and Josh are thriving as young men, Riley and Seth are growing up fast, and we all wonder where the time is going.

We continue to count ourselves blessed people. Each of us becoming the individual God created he or she to be. Each engaging their own growing opportunities, and each learning to navigate life in his or her stage.

Advent and Christmas are times of hope. We continue to find hope in a Father that provides us with saving as we need it. When we need it. Where we need it. We are grateful for Jesus being in our lives and being with each of us.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year,

Greg, Elise, Caleb, Josh, Riley, & Seth

Greg Rittler 2013 Merry Christmas

Greg continues his quest to be the fittest 42 year old he can be. 2013 highlights include completing Ironman Lake Placid (a lifelong bucket list item), 3 marathons (including a 3:25 personal record at the Baltimore Marathon), 6 National Ultra Endurance mountain bike races (he placed 27th in the series), and 3 American Ultra Cross Races (he finished 9th in the series).

Greg continues to champion the Adventures for the Cure (AFC) team. AFC is a tremendous group of people striving to change the world by promoting health and competing together. He also is a huge fan and has been supported by Joe's Bike Shop and will race for Joe's as well as AFC in 2014.

Greg has 3 goals for 2014:

  • • Top 20 in the National Ultra Endurance Mountain Bike Series
  • • Qualify for the 2015 Boston marathon
  • • Compete in Mid Atlantic Super Series mountain bike races

In between workouts he spends time with Elise & the kids, leads Wyldlife at Dumbarton Middle School, and continues to grow Blue Ocean Ideas.

Elise Rittler Therapist Merry Christmas 2013

Elise continues to grow her therapy practice in Towson. In August, she moved out of Bosley Hall, the historic Baltimore County jail where Blue Ocean Ideas is, and into her own space. She is missed by everyone at the jail, but she outgrew her space and needed to be out on her own.

Elise continues to see clients in her Towson office, the Anxiety and Stress Disorders Institute, and Safe Harbor Christian Counseling. She loves the variety and being able to serve different needs while helping people with her gifts and talents.

Elise spends her time juggling family, clients, and friends with seeming ease, grace, and generosity.

Caleb Rittler 2013 Merry Christmas

Caleb is a junior at Virginia Tech. He studies occasionally, leads Young Life at Eastern Montgomery High School, bums around with his 7 roommates, and spends the rest of his time with Emily (they've been dating for 8 months). Over the summer he stayed in Blacksburg working for a law firm. He loves southern Virginia, can you tell?

This fall, Caleb noticed a mole on his chest that was suspicious looking. Over Thanksgiving break he had it removed and biopsied. It was melanoma skin cancer. He will have a larger area removed next week to make sure it hasn't spread anywhere. He's young for having an incidence of melanoma, but the doctors are optimistic that it hasn't spread. Your prayers would be appreciated.

In other news, his car died, which is seriously cramping his style. Life without the classic 2002 Subaru Forester wagon just isn't the same.

Josh Rittler Christmas 2013

Josh is enjoying his senior year at Towson High. He's having a great year and is getting excited about finishing high school.

Josh and Greg went on a whirlwind college tour in October and he's narrowed his choices to a few schools. He has been busy with applications and college essays.

When he's not in school, he is hanging out with Hannah (they've been dating for a year), working out at the Y, working at Sweet Frog Towson, participating in Young Life, sleeping, or hanging out with friends. Josh is well loved and usually surrounded by "the rat pack" which seems to be ever growing.

Josh's big goal is to "get big" for the upcoming lacrosse season. But the more he works out the thinner he stays. Greg told him he would lend him 15 pounds or so but it hasn't worked out yet.


Riley is our beautiful thriving freshman. She is enjoying Towson High School and her friends. She is involved in Young Life and youth group at church.

Riley is a good leader and cares for those around her. A frequent babysitter, she has a very caring heart and kids love her. She's also very helpful around the house.

She's continues to be a hand model for Greg while having breakfast every Friday at the Towson Diner.


The youngest Rittler gift has decided to become a professional soccer player. He's already announced to us what he will do with all he millions of dollars he will make. He's very generous with his future earnings.

Seth is either moving (soccer, lacrosse, or basketball) or sitting in front of a screen playing minecraft. There is very little in between. He has friends online (like Shane from Chicago) from all over the place that play. What a strange world we live in.

Seth enjoys school and as a 5th grader is on the TV crew in the mornings. He is in the math club before school and plays basketball after school.

Blue Ocean Ideas continues to grow. It's been 7 years since Brody and Greg sat in our house and dreamed about a business that would help organizations build their brands. It was a wish, a prayer, and a napkin business plan, but it launched something special.

Armed with an incredible team of people, Blue Ocean Ideas sees each and every client as a new challenge to bring together the strategy, creative, design, film, copy, social, digital, and the disciplined execution to build brands.

Blue Ocean Ideas continues to be retained by more and more clients on a monthly basis. These organizations are serious about not just marketing, but building a brand. Blue Ocean Ideas exists to serve these organizations.