Time Flies…

Time to evaluate We are 25% through 2009. It’s a good time to take a look at your goals for 2009 and see how you are progressing. Here... Continue Reading

Fresh Eyes

Assessment Tools Ever notice that things that are obvious to an outsider looking in are often hidden from the people on the inside? Many tim... Continue Reading


Keep Moving Forward I’ve been asked a few times lately, “What’s with the ‘keep moving forward’ thing?”  ... Continue Reading

New Years Resolve

what I want to move towards I heard a great talk on Sunday from one of our pastors, George Antonakos on how to be resolute in the New Year. ... Continue Reading

On the water…

I have had a great time this summer spending time with the Lord in the mornings on the lake. The routine has been getting up around 6:30-7:0... Continue Reading

16 years

Elise and I celebrated our 16th wedding anniversary last week. I took the time to reflect on our marriage and how we have experienced life t... Continue Reading