keep moving forward reframed

I was really encouraged by this post by Blaine Smith: Ryan Smyth (see his comments under this post). should take a look at that one and see what he thinks. Keep moving forward, Greg

Common Greatness

Heard of Susan Boyle? If you haven't heard of Susan Boyle you probably haven't watched news the past two weeks. If you have, you know that she has come out of nowhere and taken the world by storm with her performance on Britain's Got Talent. More than 30,000,000 people have watched

The Leader Free Zone

Why some organizations don't grow Have you ever been in an organization that just doesn't grow? Some organizations seem destined to stagnation which eventually leads to decline and death. On the other hand, some organizations are full of life. Growth is second nature to them and they excel consistently year after year. I've

Time Flies…

Time to evaluate We are 25% through 2009. It's a good time to take a look at your goals for 2009 and see how you are progressing. Here are some questions to ask yourself and your organization: What progress are you making toward the goals that you set at the start of